Commercial Photography

In today’s photography world, the iphone has taken center stage giving the average person to claim that they are a professional photographer. The more this is happening the more photographers are getting disscouraged with the photography business as a whole.

By taking this class, you will work with basic products such as plastic bottles and glass jars. Then moving up to chrome and glassware as well as highly relective products and learn how to avoid or enhance reflections.  We will then work with interiors and exterior buildings on day 2 and then move to my favorite, food photography. Here you will learn about food and prop stylists as well as shopping for food products yourself. Painting with light will be the next lesson and if time allows, we will discuss the business of commercial photography.  This class will help you set yourself apart from the crowd. Understanding and learning the correct way to make commercial images look better and more professional will give you the edge over your competition. This class will give you the knowledge how to work with the different types of products, light them to enhance their quality and make your images be more professional looking as well as print production ready.

Joe Glyda is a Commercial photographer for over 42 years specializing in Food and product, Architecture and Aviation. He worked on staff at Kraft Foods for 36 years and created mouth watering images for ads, brochures, recipie booklets and other print media and the company’s website. He was instrumental by introducing diigital technology to Kraft back in 1993, which then completely changed the 8×10 film based studio into a full service digital studio by 1995. His leadership in the digital field along with his commercail photography expertise led him to teach at PPA conventions, Texas School and Lamar School of Photography, and Kelby One training.

After taking an early retirement from Kraft in 2009 he continues to photograph food projects but has expanded his architechtural and avaition assignments through his own company Joe Glyda Photography, Inc. Joe is an energetic photographer with an keen eye and sense of adventure that keeps him on the cusp of creating great images.

He received the Nikon industrial photographer of the year in 1995. The Gold Medallion for excellence from PPA in 1999 and was the co-chair for the photography section of the FIRST book on digital photography in 2001 which set the standards in Flexographic printing. Joe is a PPA Master Photographer, a Photographic Craftsman, and a PPA Master Artist.