This class will focus on fundamental lighting and posing emphasizing the basic elements of studio and outdoor portraiture. It is designed with the beginner in mind, or those photographers who need to refresh their essential skills. With style as a consideration, and in a hands-on environment, Tim Meyer will illustrate how your choice of light shaping tools, metering, ratios, facial and body analysis and posing work together to produce dynamic results and consistently high quality images. This experience will provide an opportunity for you to consider, and develop, a professional level of portrait lighting and posing skills.

Tim will show you how to work in studio and outdoors with basic to creative lighting equipment and natural light. This class provides the opportunity for learning the posing and lighting techniques that are the backbone of a successful professional portrait or wedding studio.

Tim Meyer Bio

With over 37 years of experience, Tim Meyer (MFA, M.Photog.Cr.) has been internationally recognized and is well respected for his craftsman level technique and always evolving innovative style.

In addition to having taught full time at Brooks Institute, Tim is honored to be sought after as a mentor, speaker and workshop leader worldwide.

His portrait and wedding studio, Meyer Photography, is managed by his partner in business and life, Dea Meyer.

The Portrait – Understanding Portrait Photography, a comprehensive study of portraiture co-written with Glenn Rand and published by Rocky Nook, Inc., is available in English, German, Italian and Chinese and is in its second edition.