Exploring the World of Possibilities in Photoshop

Join 4-time Diamond Photographer and first place GIA winner Ella Carlson for an intermediate workshop (advanced users are welcome as well) which will cover many of the aspects of producing fine art images from your photography. She will demonstrate painting techniques with Photoshop, custom brush creation, a variety of digital manipulation techniques, bending and shaping objects to create original creations, adding dimension and more. She’ll show you the magic behind the curtain of her creations and she’ll talk about her process from start to finish.

This hands-on workshop is for image makers with some experience in Photoshop who want to really dig in and unpack many of the creative opportunities digital has to offer. The goal is to expand the student’s artistic palette and give them the tools and techniques to create more spectacular imagery.

We’ll cover the great ways in which layers and other Photoshop options can be used to make composites, enhance imagery, create painted looks, and reshape items. We’ll go into the creative ways to use layers, textures, precise selection options, freehand options, Photoshop’s many tools and even a few plug-ins.