Be a Blue Collar Photographer and Beyond


This new program will confirm the vision of light you already have and then bring that vision to much greater levels.  You will learn to see light in it’s natural form as well as how to merge artificial light within a scene.  You will learn more about composition, creation of depth and the psychology of portraiture that will allow you to go from everyday simple portrait work to ridiculous concepts that will only be limited by your own creativity. You will be working with models on a daily basis.  You will be working in Photoshop.  You will get daily critiques of your work.

This is a VERY HANDS-ON class.  The objective is not just to introduce you to new concepts, but to train you thoroughly.  When you get home you will not “try the new skills soon…” you will continue to do it. There will be small group assignments with models to learn to see light and background.  You will learn to pose a subject within that scene and creatively record them.

Since this is a full service class beginning with visualizing and ending with a salable print, my sponsor WHCC will be creating a wall display print from your choice of image created while at WCS!  Yes!  This is a chance to try new products that harmonize with the work you create during the week. It will be ordered before class is over and shipped to your studio or home.  It is yours to keep as an example of your new skills and accomplishments!

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