It’s a deep dive into the creative process with Bob Coates. Bob feels that the final image is so much more than push of the shutter. The initial capture is merely the blueprint into the journey of the finished art. Coates will share his thinking on how and why to transform a photograph into something he refers to as Lens Based Art. There will be a look into the thinking behind the capture and post-production of making images. Whether your final images resemble straight photography or an impressionistic painting this class will help set you apart from your competition.

Coates originally designed this for fine art application but has found ways to bring the techniques over into his commercial business. Join Bob as he shares many of the ways to accomplish these looks and move it into your business. Setting yourself apart by creating imagery that is only available through you is a way to stay ahead of your competition…

And bring some fun back to your photography and photography business.

Bob Coates is a successful commercial and fine art photographer based in Sedona, AZ. Coates has shown success in the International Photographic Competition (IPC) through Professional Photographers of America (PPA) earning his Master of Photography degree, Artist degree as well as the Imaging Excellence Award for earning thirteen Loan Collection images. In January he will receive his Imaging Excellence Bar for an additional thirteen Loan Collection images.