Before-After-And How To Get There

This class will train you to walk into a scene; visualize the composition, the lighting and what the finished product should look like; then you will make it happen.  You will work with natural light, artificial light and a combination of the two.  You will practice where to place and how to pose a subject within the scene.  Beyond what was captured with the camera, this class will take you through post process, print enhancements and lab-ready printing preparations from very simple tasks to more complicated ideas and concepts.  (Don’t be frightened… you will only go as far as you are comfortable.)

This is a hands-on class.  You will be creating images of models with a specific purpose.  This is about training your brain to see what is possible.   Instead of taking a picture, you will create an image.  I will do daily critiques in class of student work.

This class will require computers with Photoshop and the knowledge of basic skills.

When this class is over you will have several new finished files for your portfolio and one printed wall display for your gallery compliments of my sponsor, WHCC. Most importantly, you will have the skills to repeat your work at home with your own clients.

The breakdown…

You will learn:
Lighting… on the location both natural and artificial.
Composition of the scene and of the pose.
Story telling and Emotional appeal
Digital workflow.
Custom print enhancement.
What it takes make a powerful portrait from beginning to end.
You will have a new complimentary wall portrait for your gallery.

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